One week Two Days Premiere in DIFF 2016 !

One Week Two Days is my latest short fiction film, as DIFF Announces the Latest in Arab Film for the Highly Anticipated Muhr Short Category

And we are part of the 15 shorts from the Arab world !

Film crew who took this risk with me and I kept my gratitude till the film premiere

Here I am believing in cinema as a collaborative field thanking all of you starting with Safei Eldin Mahmoud and Baho Bakhsh who was ready to support and produce this project with me.

Yasmin Rais the one who kept believing in the project since she read the script till the end

Amr Saleh was the actor who loved the journey and was ready to give

marwas-3My dear and tough film crew

Houssam Shahim DOP, Doaa Fathy Film Editor

Sara Kaddouri Sound Designer, Ahmed Gamal Art Director, Rabab Hasan Costume Designer

Abdullah Miniway Music Composer, Ahmed Mounib Production Manager, Lara Abaza Focus puller, Ahmed Rashid Production Supervisor

I am totally grateful to all your efforts, countless hours and sleepless nights we undertake to make this happen!

Sure, without the love that I receive from my sisters and my partner I would not be giving any films. so I LOVE YOU more that you imagine.

Sharing some of the film news on the Egyptian newspapers ;

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